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Following recent report in surrounding villages please read and be aware of the information below: 

Rogue traders: Anyone trying to sell door to door or asking to carry out work without a prior appointment need to be reported on 101, if possible any vehicle registration numbers gained would be helpful. To sell door to door a salesman must have true identification which must be displayed to the resident as well as a peddlers license which must show Cambridgeshire on it. If they cannot provide both then they are not entitled to sell door to door. 

We have also been having reports of males knocking at doors stating that they are working next door or a few doors away cutting trees and will be making quite a bit of noise. On checking there has been no work carried out and it is believed they are potentially looking to see if the resident is in or not. 

Distraction burglaries usually involve 2 people knocking at a door pretending to be from the gas board, electricity company, BT etc.. and even Police officers. They will trick the owner to let them into the property were one will distract the owner whilst the other has a wander around the property, they are usually after small items like jewellery and watches etc..If residents are unsure they should always ask for ID, genuine tradesman and Police Officers will always carry an ID, if still uncertain call the company they are saying there from before letting them in to check they have been sent to the area, or speak to a neighbour or friend to help check the ID’s. Call the Police on 999 or 101 if they are totally unsure. 

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to distraction burglary. In the recently reported cases, the offenders purport to work for the local council, and have forced their way into the victim’s property when the door has been answered.    

Call police on 999 immediately if you believe this type of offence  to be in progress.

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Policing update 11th January 2018

Since the beginning of this year we have recorded a total of 827 incidents within the Local Authority area of Huntingdonshire. Of these incidents, we have recorded, and where appropriate, are investigating:-
25 dwelling burglaries
15 business burglaries
62 reports of concern
9 Missing persons 64 domestic related incidents
30 reports of anti social behaviour
19 reports of hare coursing
3 reports of wanted person

Our Police Officers, Special Constables, PCSOs and other staff are working hard to obtain the results that both victim's and ourselves want and conducting both highly-visible and plain clothed patrols in vulnerable areas but Sometimes, it is unavoidable that we have to make difficult decisions about what we respond to and precisely how we do that.

We urge members of the public to continue to support local officers with our witness appeals by reporting any information you have about criminal activity on 101, via Web Chat here  or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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