Southoe and Midloe

The village of Southoe and the hamlet of Midloe form a civil parish lying west of the A1 Great North road in the county of Cambridgeshire.  Southoe is a dormitory and agricultural village with some 400+ residents.  It has a long history of occupation and has been known variously as Sutham (6th century), Sutho, Suho (12th century and later), and Southogh (15th century).  Its population has increased from 234 in 1801, 307 in 1851, 213 in 1901, 267 in 1951, 269 in 1971 and 465 in 1991.

The village is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by lovely countryside and farmers' fields, yet close enough to the large towns of St Neots and Huntingdon and the mainline to London, not to feel cut off.

There is a beautiful church, and you can read more of its history on this website.

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